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How Do Pacesetter Companies Outperform Their Peers? They Are “Architected for Change.”

Introducing the Pacesetters: industry leading companies who outperform their peers through skills, transformation speed, and execution. After more than a year of research in the Global Workforce Intelligence Project, this week we unveil the Pacesetter research, and this podcast gives you the overview.

These companies are “architected for change,” and they include leaders like DBS ... Read more»

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How Do Trailblazer Banks Pull It Off? Lessons For Every Company Here.

In this podcast I breakdown the big secrets we’ve discovered in the digital transformation in financial services. While there are a lot of industry-specific issues to understand, many of the best-practices apply to every company in the world. And Trailblazers, the banks that set the standards for customer experience and digital offerings, are now accelerating ... Read more»

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Recap of HR Tech Conferences, GWI Launch, And My New Book Irresistible

This podcast is a quick overview of all these topics, following my week at the largest HR Tech conference in the world.  As you’ll hear, the HR Tech world is doing fine, and I decompose what’s going on in core HR, skills technology, recruiting, M&A, and all sorts of other topics.

I also want you ... Read more»

The Healthcare Industry Has A Talent Crisis: We Found The Cure.

We just completed a massive study of the talent and HR challenges in healthcare, and the findings are astounding. And there is a lot to learn from this industry.

To start, you should understand that healthcare is now the largest industry in the United States. Almost 14% of the American workforce serves in this ... Read more»

Introducing The Global Workforce Intelligence Project

Today we’re introducing one of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on in my career: the Global Workforce Intelligence (GWI) Project. This is a massive initiative we started over the last year to understand the new jobs roles, skills, and career pathways in every major industry around the world.

It’s a big project, and ... Read more»

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Introducing The Global Workforce Intelligence Project (GWI)

We’ve entered a new world of work. Jobs, skills, and organizations are changing faster than ever. And it’s all because of what we call “Industry Reinvention.”

If you want to learn all about how jobs, organizations, and skills are changing, join our Global Workforce Intelligence project. In this podcast I explain what’s going on and ... Read more»