So You Want To Be A Chief HR Officer? Why It’s Harder Than It Looks

So You Want To Be A Chief HR Officer? Why It’s Harder Than It Looks

Josh Bersin
Josh Bersin
So You Want To Be A Chief HR Officer? Why It's Harder Than It Looks

In this podcast I walk through a few of the findings from our CHRO Insights® research, explaining why the CHRO role has become more complex and difficult than ever.

This podcast episode discusses the challenges, issues, drivers, success factors, and derailers of being a head of HR or CHRO. I share early insights from a massive research project that studied 47,000 heads of HR from various industries and sectors.

The research reveals that many CHROs did not come from their own company, indicating a lack of succession management and internal development. It also highlights the complex and multifunctional nature of the CHRO role, requiring HR domain expertise, C-level executive skills, systemic thinking, comfort with data and technology, and a good understanding of human nature.

If you are hiring a CHRO or aspiring to a senior HR role, listen in. And read my in-depth article on the topic.


00:00 Introduction: The Success and Frustrations of Being a CHRO or Head of HR
04:10 Insights from a Massive Research Project on CHROs
09:21 The Challenges of Moving into a CHRO Role
16:06 The Complex and Multifunctional Nature of the CHRO Role
21:53 Conclusion: Opportunities for CHROs to Learn and Connect

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