Josh Bersin’s Predictions for 2023

How Will 2023 Redefine Work, The Workforce, and HR? 

Since early 2020, business and life have radically evolved. We’ve seen a global pandemic, industry convergence, corporate reinvention, the end of near-zero interest rates, a slowing economy, and a workforce that’s both diverse and largely burned out.

What do all of these factors mean for HR and business leaders? In his highly-regarded, eagerly-anticipated annual predictions report, global analyst Josh Bersin explores what decision-makers need to know for the year ahead and beyond. He answers top-of-mind questions, including:

  • Will jobs, careers, and industries get redefined?
  • How will increased diversity, an aging leadership base, and increased worker scarcity change the workforce?
  • Why do companies need a renewed focus on skills?
  • What management philosophies and benefits do organizations need to prioritize?
  • Which success measures should leaders use when reviewing employees?
  • ….and more!

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