HR Predictions for 2021: Transformation At Scale

After a long and wild pandemic year, it’s time to talk about 2021. And I think it’s going to be amazing.

Last year we redesigned our products, services, and offerings to be digital, safe, and delivered with “low touch.” We refocused our leadership on empathy, growth, and change. And we took care of our employees through the Pandemic, political unrest, and unprecedented risk and change.

The result?

We’ve learned how to transform – both ourselves and our companies. It’s no longer a mystery how to “become digital” or “reorganize for growth” – we just did it. In 2021 it’s time to institutionalize what we’ve learned and focus on the need to scale.

The Big Reset will continue, and 2021 will bring a “great acceleration” in the introduction of new technologies and platforms. Talent practices will move toward the agile, marketplace model. And the focus on resilience, wellbeing, and human-centered leadership will grow.

HR predictions 2021To me, 2021 is a year of Transformation at Scale.
Plus, I believe we’re entering one of the most competitive “wars for talent” we’ve seen in a decade. Already the job market is picking up and the demand for service, transportation, and digital skills is greater than ever.

I’ve tried to summarize these trends in our 2021 Predictions report. Please take a look and contact us if you’d like help understanding these trends.

Happy 2021!




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