HR Technology Market 2020: Report Now Available

HR Technology 2020Every year I talk with hundreds of HR technology companies, visit hundreds of clients, and embark on many case studies about new ideas and solutions. And one thing is crystal clear: it is impossible to run a great HR function without a heavy focus on technology.

And to meet all this demand, the marketplace has exploded. Not only are there more than 4,000 HR tech firms to select from, there are whole new categories emerging. You can now find HR tech systems that recommend content for reskilling, advise employees on how to be healthy and more focused, and a wide variety of new tools to help listen, understand, and nudge employees and managers at work.

The core HR market, as you’ll read, is under attack from many sides, and the big vendors are working harder than ever to evolve their architectures, add new features, and build ecosystems of partners. In fact the whole idea of a “Core HR System” is being replaced with the idea of a “Core HR Platform” that looks and feels more like an i-Phone. You add apps as needed and delete the ones you no longer use.

AI, of course, is slowly starting to play everywhere. A new generation of “talent experience” platforms can help people find internal positions in an intelligent way, help job candidates apply for the right role, and help recruiters and managers better select candidates. The leadership development market is becoming intelligent too, as a new set of tools provide AI-based coaching, learning recommendations, and neuro-science based assessment to understand who is ready for leadership.

Underneath all this innovation, there’s a bigger theme at play: how do we use all these tools to improve the employee experience. So a whole new marketplace has emerged for tools that understand, diagnose, and help you design and improve the way work gets done. Employee Experience has become a big and complex topic, so a set of vendors now sell EX platforms designed just to sit on top of the tech stack to make employees’ lives easier.

HR Technology 2020

I won’t go further here, but I really recommend you read the report. It takes me many months to write this, and it represents an entire year of research and many thousands of miles of travel too!  

How You Can Get The Report

There are three ways you can get the report:

A) If you attend the LRP HR Technology Conference and you are a Premium Pass owner you can download it here.

B) If you are a Josh Bersin Academy member, you can obtain it within the Academy.

C) If you are interested in buying it, you can purchase it here.

I am always interested in your feedback, so if you find anything in here you disagree with or want to debate – please let me know!  In the meantime I hope this report helps you plan your investments for the year ahead, and also helps you make sense of the rapid changes in the market. 

And by the way, if you’re struggling with your own HR tech strategy, please join the HR Tech Workshop program in the Bersin Academy – your team can go through this program together and I guarantee you’ll come away with a clear direction and deep understanding of how to evolve your strategy.

There’s a lot going on in HR Tech these days, I am excited to be able to share this information and look forward to hearing your stories!

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