The Bold New World of Talent: Predictions for 2016

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  1. Heather P says:

    I enjoyed reading this article: My favorite –

    6. Global leadership development will change.

    We are doing a lot of research on this topic right now, and my
    conclusion is that the current models we use are broken. Books like
    Leadership BS [1]and The End of Leadership[2]
    tell a story: we simply are not building leadership fast enough, early
    enough, or with enough of an open mind. As I describe in the report,
    it’s time to accelerate people into leadership earlier in their careers,
    put a greater focus on mentoring (leveraging the boomers who aren’t
    retiring yet), and create new models and reward systems for talent
    mobility. If you haven’t taken a fresh look at your company’s
    leadership development strategy (and programs), this is the year to do
    it. It’s still a top business issue and many new ideas and approaches
    are now entering the market.
    *** I wouldn’t say the current models are broken just extremely outdated and it needs to be re-designed to fit today’s culture and just like everything else it continuously needs to change as people/generations change and evolve.

    *** You mention accelerating people into leadership early on and I 100% agree. All current HR Strategies should be reviewed and adjusted accordingly.

    *** The bottom line is nothing and no one ever stays the same, and change is not always a positive thing but it happens so let’s embrace it. ***

  2. maureensharib says:

    The focus on simplicity intrigues me and draws me in.