Is Corporate Talent Management Dead? If So, What’s Next?

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  1. Eddie says:

    I’ve read attentively your post – thanks Josh Bersin. Not coming from HR myself I found it enjoyable and comprehensive to read. The problem as I face often is HR itself. I have the feeling that there is a sort of complacency among HR Managers where they feel they “have” and “are” the “key” to all. Unfortunately some have not even understood “Talent Management” as of today how do you expect they will understand “People Management”? They would, alas, feel way too busy to read a post such as this one.
    Personally I like your comparison with athletes from Reid Hoffman book; “… we hire people like we hire professional athletes. They work for our organization as long as it is valuable for both parties, and then people move on.” If the athlete (professionals) can show success, if the remunerations from sponsors (corporation) is right – both will do their best to keep it that way.