Update on SuccessFactors, Achievers, and Glassdoor

3 Responses

  1. Mark Berry says:

    Josh, I’ve not seen the Success Factors you’ve seen. We’re using it – full suite – with exception to analytics and workforce planning (which we licensed, but didn’t implement), primarily because they are – essentially – the assets they acquired from Inform five years ago and lack much of the basic functionality considered “table stakes” for consideration in the marketplace. I sat through an overview of their analytics and planning “roadmap” a few months ago and – as I told the presenter at the time – if they are successful with their two year strategy, at that point they’ll be where Visier, OrcaEyes, and Aquire/PeopleFluent are today. It’s hard to believe their claim that 80% of all talent management transactions now occur on mobile devices; I just don’t see this in real-world experience (unless I’m trying to sell mobile, in which case I see it everywhere). I look forward to hearing you at HR Tech next month.

    • Josh Bersin says:

      Thanks Mark, I understand the workforce analytics system is quite complex but amazingly the company is growing its business rapidly. Visier, OrcaEyes, and Acquire are all great tools also. Lets talk offline about your experiences I’d love to learn more.

  2. Fawad Zakariya says:

    Great summary Josh and some very interesting metrics and conclusions on culture and the future of employment from the Glassdoor event.

    I agree with Mark Berry on mobile. I was incredulous with the 80% transactions claim. I believe mobile will eventually be a transformational platform in the enterprise (in both employee and other functional apps) but it is very early. Very few products are actively being used (and that too by a tiny minority) in real business contexts. These are primarily messaging, some collaboration and survey-type analytics. Early progress also on goal-based and project/task management types but a long way to go.