Talent Strategies for 2015: Enormous Change Ahead

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  • Hey Josh, Report was invaluable thanks for putting it together. I particularly agree with your point about tech reducing the work/life barrier. We’ve definitely reached a stage where we’re ‘always on’, always working. If you’re commuting via public transport just take a glance at everyone else – I guarantee at least 90% will be on their smartphones! Information is so easily available now that we don’t have an excuse not to be accessible. It will be interesting to see how our work schedules change in response to this….

  • Thanks Ben. Just wait until the smart watches are here. Life will get even more “interactive.”

  • “The younger, more mobile, more agile workforce and workplace we now live in demands new approaches” – this is so well captured. It’s so inspiring to co-create the new HR at this fascinating time of changes.

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