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Dashing Thru Europe: Skills vs. Competencies, Recruiting, Inflation, And The King & Queen of The Netherlands

In this podcast I describe my two-week tour through Northern Europe: Sweden with Workday and Spotify, UK book tour with banks, publishers, and media companies; and The Future of Work Symposium hosted by the King and Queen of The Netherlands. Issues with skills, recruiting, inflation, diversity, and the role of HR and employers in the ... Read more»

The Role of a Learning Culture in 2008

We recently completed a major research program which studies the elements of corporate learning which deliver the highest levels of business impact. Our findings were fascinating, providing valuable guidance for anyone in the corporate learning industry.

First, there are two types of solutions provided by corporate learning organizations. The first type, which we call “... Read more»

Best Practices in Performance Management at Kimberly Clark

I just completed a detailed interview with Gary Short, Kimberly Clark’s director of Talent Management.  The company has had a legacy performance management process for 20 years which had limited adoption but a very long term history.  The old process grouped employees into only three levels:  meets expectations, exceeds, or does not meet expectations.  As ... Read more»