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The Pandemic Economy: It Has Arrived

We thought the Pandemic was a public health crisis, but it’s really much more. We have a whole new economy. In this podcast I talk about the four dimensions of The Pandemic Economy, which will give you insights for the year ahead.... Read more»

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Not Just Diversity and Equity: The New Corporate Focus on Belonging

The newest theme in business is to create a sense of “belonging” – the feeling of being included, respected, and fully involved in the company, team, or organization. After conversations with more than 40 Diversity and Inclusion leaders, here are my thoughts on why Belonging is the key to figuring this out.  Read this article... Read more»

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Not Just Diversity, Unity

Diversity, inclusion, fairness, Black Injustice – all unsolved problems in society. As you think about the D&I agenda, consider a big topic: Unity. How do we bring the organization into a unified whole?... Read more»