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The HILO 80 – Leaders in Corporate Learning

This week we introduced an important new set of research and recognition, the HILO 80® – the top 80 organizations we benchmarked in high-impact corporate learning through our High Impact Learning Organization® research program.

Methodology:   On an annual basis, we investigate the highest impact best-practices in corporate learning, looking at more than 50 different elements ... Read more»

Talent Management in a Slowdown – Update

In the last few months we have read more and more about the global economic slowdown.  Jim Cramer, the Wall Street pundit, wrote in today’s New York Magazine, that he has never seen things as dismal as they are on Wall Street.  Today the State of California announced a 5.7% unemployment rate, an increase of ... Read more»

On the Minds of HR and Learning Leaders

We recently completed our annual research conference and I had a wonderful opportuinty to meet and talk with 15 different HR and L&D executives in a special roundtable.   The theme of our research conference is The Business of Talent®, and as you will read, this theme comes through in almost every organization.  Talent ... Read more»

Corporate Universities: They’re Baaaaaaack!

I recently spent a few days in Mexico City meeting with HR and L&D leaders from some of the largest companies in Mexico (Banamex, Pemex, Groupo Modelo, and others).  The meetings reinforced a very important trend which is going on in corporate training today:  the “recentralization of corporate training.”

Over the last five years there ... Read more»

Managing Innovation: Google and the “Learning Culture”

As we prepare for our annual research conference IMPACT 2008:  The Business of Talent®, I want to mention an important topic which has come up frequently in the last few weeks:  the critical importance of managing innovation.

All organizations in all industries must continuously deal with change.

Our research continues to show that one ... Read more»

The Business-Driven CLO

This week we talked with five top Chief Learning Officers representing training leadership at EMC, Extra Space Storage, MetLife, Textron, and Trinity Health. This group of learning leaders will be discussing their L&D strategies and solutions at our upcoming research conference.

One of the biggest topics we discussed was how to build a corporate ... Read more»

Is it time to Re-Centralize Corporate Training?

An interesting trend is occurring in 2008.  Over the last 7-8 years organizations have been working very hard to create a “federated” model for training, which centralizes certain core functions (e.g. LMS administration, leadership development, compliance, tuition reimbursement, catalog content) and decentralizes key training areas in sales, onboarding, customer service, and operations.

This organization model ... Read more»

Learning Outsourcing Marches Ahead: New Economics

We have always regarded the term “learning outsourcing” as a misnomer.  The very nature of a training function requires that many of the topics, programs, and solutions are outsourced – after all, training managers are expected to be able to train and support every function in the company.  How can they possibly do this without ... Read more»

The New Chief Learning Officer: 2008 and Beyond

The role of chief learning officer has been hard to define for years.  While it is becoming more prevalent (our research shows that approximately 30% of large organizations have a named CLO), the definition of what a CLO does is changing.
Typically the CLO is defined as the “business leader of corporate learning.”  At organizations ... Read more»