Introducing The Organization Design SuperClass!

Organization design has become one of the hottest topics in business. More than 80% of the companies we talk with are now experimenting with AI, flattening their organization, and reorganizing teams to improve productivity. And when it’s done well we’ve seen companies double or even triple their output and efficiency, improving employee engagement as well.

How do you go about doing an Organization Design project?

Well after years of research and lots of consulting, we’re here to teach you the secrets. This month we’re launching a new course in the Josh Bersin Academy (JBA) called “The Organization Design SuperClass.”

Organization Design SuperClass Josh Bersin AcademyWhat is a “SuperClass?” This is a whole new format in the JBA, designed to which takes you and a cohort of people through a real simulated consulting project. You will interview clients, get to know a company’s problems, and use our proprietary tools and checklists to go through a real org design project.

This new format unlocks the vault of tools and research we use with clients, enabling you, as an HR or business person, to become a professional services-level expert at this process. The course is built around much of our groundbreaking research, “The Journey to Agile: Organization Design For Success,” which involved case studies and interviews with hundreds of companies.

The course takes you through the story of a North American pharmaceutical chain, Arrow Care (fictitional). It simulates the real world, taking you through the problem identification stage, the organizational data, introduces you to the stakeholders, and then shows you how to build a plan, design the solution, build new process flows, develop an organization chart, and take the project live.

Listen to Andy Biladeau, our VP of Advisory, talk about how the SuperClass was built!


This course has been meticulously designed by our consulting and design team, using the real tools we use with clients. You can take these tools away and use them in your own company and share them with your peers. And I guarantee you’ll learn what org design is all about and feel confident doing this yourself.

The Org Design Superclass opens on August 16 and runs for five weeks, and you can join any time. And it will also be offered in October 11 and November 15. But there’s much more. Our SuperClasses are all part of the end-to-end Josh Bersin Academy (only $495 per year), so once you join the Academy you’ll have access to all our other certificate programs and new SuperClasses as well.

And there’s more. The JBA is filled with more than 800 research reports, videos, case studies, and tools in HR. Once you join you get access to all these materials along with the live community, filled with tens of thousands of HR Professionals. So as you explore and learn about Org Design (and other topics) you can always go into the community and share your ideas with others. And we offer team and enterprise discounts, so you can also enroll your entire HR Team in the Academy.

This is just the beginning. We have a flurry of new announcements in the JBA coming later this year. Join us in this important journey to redesign our companies for success: take a deep dive into Org Design. It’s one of the most important disciplines in successful companies today.

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