ChartHop Visual Analytics Will Blow Your Mind. And Visier Acquires

The employee listening market and analytics market is getting hotter by the minute. Today I’d like to discuss two important new products in the market..

ChartHop Introduces Visual People Analytics

The first is the introduction of a company that I am excited about called ChartHop. Chart hop is a visual management tool that positions itself as people analytics, but it’s really much more, and you have to see it to believe it.

This system lets you take all the historic data you have about people in your company, including their gender, salary, tenure, age, location, skills, Myers Briggs score, or any other information you have, and put it into a visual, time-series database that you can view organizationally, graphically, or on a map over time. It’s fast, visual, and incredibly useful.

Think about the number of times you want to look at the org chart, see what your budget is for salaries, look at birthdays, tenure, pay grades, etc. and just drill up and down to see what’s going on. You can do this in seconds with ChartHop and it lets you import virtually any data into the system.

But it does much more. Since the database is a time-series system, you can “go back and forward in time,” to see how your organization has changed. Imagine looking at your company’s org chart or salaries over time to see how you’ve grown, viewing the data by city or state, and then creating multiple “scenarios” for hiring, pay raises, or growth? With ChartHop you can do this in minutes, and the visual expression is spectacular.

I asked the CEO Ian White how he does this and he told me that most of their effort went into the memory-resident database and the time-series data architecture. I can see they put a lot of engineering into this because it’s lightning-fast and incredibly compelling to use.

And it’s incredibly powerful software, because not only does it allow you to view and analyze the entire organization visually but you can step back in time and see the way things were and the way things will be in the future and create scenario plans as well. I can’t do it justice in an article, but the visual experience is absolutely spectacular.

I’ve met with the CEO multiple times and we’ve talked to the company’s clients, and this is a rather incredible piece of software. The company positions the product as People Analytics but I actually think it’s a Visual Management Tool, because lets managers and executives view, plan, and monitor the company. And since the system is designed to import data, from financial systems, payroll systems, learning systems, performance management systems, sales systems, and just about everything else, it’s a visual management dashboard for your company. Each user has his or her own privileges, so all sensitive data can be protected and enabled to those who need it.

Today the company rebranded itself and released its Freemium version. I really recommend you check it out.

Visier Acquires

On another important People Analytics move, Visier, a leader in enterprise people analytics, just acquired a passive listening tool called Visier is a pioneering company that started the enterprise-class people analytics market and built a highly robust multi-dimensional analysis system.

Visier offers integrated analytics for recruiting, L&D, DEI, compensation, engagement, retention, and just about every other type of people analytics. It is designed for use by line managers; it includes correlations and charting and enterprise reporting; and it’s designed for large complex companies. It, like ChartHop, can import data from any system.

Well, today they announced the acquisition of a company called, which I first saw in Russia, believe it or not. was founded by David Yang, an AI pioneer with several companies under his belt. Yang and his team built a fascinating system that does “passive listening,” a fast-growing trend in employee experience analytics. Similar to Motive (acquired by BetterUp) and Cultivate (acquired by Perceptyx), looks at email and communications traffic and gives companies all sorts of insights about behavior, teamwork, and sentiment. This moves Visier into the enterprise listening market.

CEO Ryan Wong calls this “collaboration analytics,” which is a good way of thinking about it. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you much more about it in a future article.

People Analytics Remains Hot

Why do I write about these vendors? Because People Analytics remains a very hot space. As companies struggle to retain and source better staff, the most important person becomes the analyst. Why are people leaving? What new benefits should we consider? How do we better source candidates?

These and other such questions just have to be answered. And in a labor market as disrupted as the one we have today, companies without data are simply flying blind.

There’s a lot more going on in this space, and we’re going to be talking about the “next big thing” at our Irresistible conference in May. Stay tuned for much more on this topic, and in the meantime I urge you to look at ChartHop, Visier, and

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