Irresistible. The Global Conference for HR Leaders and Their Teams

After two years of the pandemic, it’s time to come together again. In a spirit of celebration and joy, I want to announce our new conference Irresistible, The Global Conference for HR Leaders and Their Teams. And you are going to want to come!

When?  May 23-25, Los Angeles California. (press release here)

Where? The USC Campus, one of the most beautiful venues in Southern California.

What? The global gathering of the top HR leaders, HR teams, and practitioners from around the world. (Agenda here.)

I’ve been involved in many conferences, and I promise you this will be one of the best yet. Built around the theme of “Building The Irresistible Organization,” this conference features some of the most fascinating, successful, and thoughtful HR leaders in the world. And our research team is putting together a series of workshops, panel discussions, and education sessions you’ll love.

Let me give you a small sampling of who’s already signed up.

First, you’ll hear from CHROs from Microsoft, Walmart, Chevron, IBM, Telstra, Genentech, Morningstar,  ServiceNow, DCP Midstream, Seagate, Bon Secours Mercy Health, and The Lego Group. We’ve created an entire CHRO track so you can invite your senior executives and they will meet with their peers and participate in a series of strategic discussions.

Second, we have a series of roundtables on building the irresistible organization, including:

  • The HR Operating Model of the Future – launching our research on the future of the HR Organization
  • An Irresistible Employee Experience – detailed discussions of world-class employee experience, for employees at all levels
  • Becoming A Healthy Organization – what are the world’s leading companies doing to build a healthy, energetic workplace?
  • Learning and Development at Scale – we will be launching our newest research on high-performing L&D, and scaling the skills strategy for impact.
  • Recruiting and Retaining The Best – top talent acquisition leaders sharing their secrets and innovations in recruiting.
  • HR Technology 2023 – a preview of the newest and most exciting HR Tech for the year ahead.

This will be an intimate conference limited to only 400 people, and there are very few vendors invited. Our key sponsors include TCS, Eightfold, Workday, Guild Education, BetterUp, Oracle, and Torch.

And the speakers we have are amazing. These include Kathleen Hogan from Microsoft, Donna Morris from Walmart, Loren Shuster from Lego, Nickle LaMoreaux from IBM, Alex Badenoch from Telstra, Jacqui Canney from ServiceNow, Rhonda Morris from Chevron, Patricia Frost from Seagate, Cynthia Burks from Genentech, Bevin Desmond from Morningstar, Tamara Bray from DCP Midstream, Joe Gage from Bon Secours Mercy Health, and some of the most fascinating practitioner leaders in the world.

A few of my favorites include Wagner Denuzzo from Prudential, Dawn Klinghoffer from Microsoft, RJ Milnor from Uber, Michael Arena from, Jennifer Carpenter from IBM, and Rob Cross from Babson College.

USC will be conducting two deep-dive sessions as well: a deep dive on AI in HR and a session on Fostering A Culture of Inclusion.

And there’s much more. In addition to all our panels and executive sessions, we are hosting a series of pre-conference workshops on topics like DEI strategies that work, how to build Career Pathways, and a deep dive into world-class solutions in skills and capability academies. And our vendor partners are hosting workshops on learning in the flow of work, skills strategies, EX, and analytics.

Finally, I have a big announcement. My book, which I’ve been working on for 7 years, is going to be published this Fall. So I’m going to give every attendee a pre-release copy of my new book, Irresistible, which pulls together my thousands of conversations, findings, and research studies on “what it takes to build an Irresistible Organization.” If you come you’ll get one of the very first copies.

This is a very global conference. All our corporate clients will be joining us and we expect attendees from around the world to come. We have two very special events also planned, both in special places at the USC Campus that you would never be able to see on your own. (The Olympic Coliseum and the Endeavor Space Shuttle).

I know it has been a long wait for the pandemic to end, but the time has finally come. Please join us at the Irresistible Conference and I promise it will be one of your best experiences of the year.