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Restructuring HR: Where are we going

In the last year many of our research members and clients have come to us for help in restructuring their HR or Learning & Development organizations.  There have been three major forces at play here.

1.  Reducing costs:  In nearly every industry organizations are going through restructuring, mergers, or other cost-cutting efforts.  The HR department ... Read more»

Wow. Performance Management Really Matters in Retail.

As we continue to study best-practices in talent management and talk with many organizations, we see more and more evidence that top-down goal alignment and transparency truly do drive business results. 

For example, we recently had an in-depth discussion with the Vice-President of HR at Bon-Ton Stores, a highly-successful mid-sized retailer which operates among the ... Read more»

Performance and Recruiting Management Shootout – Who Won?

Industry’s First Integrated Performance and Recruiting Shootout

This year’s shootout focused on the powerful integration (but not well understood or adopted) between performance management and recruiting including the coveted, and often elusive measure of “quality of hire. Four leading talent management suite vendors were included; Authoria, HRsmart, SuccessFactors, and Vurv had 75 minutes to demonstrate ... Read more»

The Death of the Performance Appraisal – Redefining Performance Management

Should we kill the performance appraisal process? 

Over the last few years as we have studied the market for performance management systems, we have talked with dozens of HR executives and managers about their Performance Managementperformance management process.  In our discussions we find that organizations struggle mightily with the right way to craft the precise process ... Read more»

Next Generation Performance Management is Coming

Yesterday Taleo, one of the largest providers of online recruiting and applicant tracking systems, announced its long-awaited performance management system.  As we have been writing for nearly two years, it is about time someone started to rethink this problem.   The system is built on a whole new metaphor for user interfaces, giving the manager, employee, ... Read more»

Performance Management is Management

The Seven Important Elements of Performance Management

Performance management is far more than performance appraisal.  In fact, this is probably the last and least important part of the process.  As we see it, “performance management” is “management.”  It describes the ongoing process between employees and managers which takes place every single day.  The seven key ... Read more»

Best Practices in Performance Management at Kimberly Clark

I just completed a detailed interview with Gary Short, Kimberly Clark’s director of Talent Management.  The company has had a legacy performance management process for 20 years which had limited adoption but a very long term history.  The old process grouped employees into only three levels:  meets expectations, exceeds, or does not meet expectations.  As ... Read more»