Understanding AI in HR

A Deep Dive Research Study from The Josh Bersin Company

Understanding AI in HR A Deep Dive whitepaper by Josh Bersin Company

AI has recently taken the world by storm. The Josh Bersin Company team has been meeting with vendors, studying the technologies and solutions, planning our own AI-powered solutions, and creating reports and resources for our customers. 

In this comprehensive whitepaper, Understanding AI in HR: A Deep Dive, Global Analyst & CEO Josh Bersin reviews the impact of AI in the world of HR, L&D, and all aspects of management. The ability to influence retention, recruiting, performance management, learning and upskilling, and even pay equity will soon be at our fingertips. In the report, we illuminate what you need to know about the foundations of AI and its capabilities, the current vendor offerings, and the considerations to identify before making any investment. You’ll learn: 

  • The differences between technologies that have AI added on or AI built in vs technology that is completely built on AI. 
  • The importance of data to functional AI solutions, along with descriptions of the various databases. 
  • How the kinks in the current systems will get worked out to create more accurate results.  

Because AI technologies and solutions are in constant development, we’ll frequently share updated information to help you understand and act on the potential benefits for your company, HR teams, and employees. 

The whitepaper is available via the download form below, but our strategic guidance for your talent initiatives (technology-focused or otherwise) is available only to corporate members. To learn more about becoming a member to access our entire research library, private events, and support for your organization’s HR and business strategies, submit the form below: 


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