The Big Reset Playbook: Organizational Culture and Performance

The Big Reset Playbook: Organizational Culture & Performance

In the past, a company’s culture happened in the background as the real work was getting done. More recently, companies have created culture ambassadors and directed small internal teams to instill desired feelings in employees through external activities, events, and workplace features. Table tennis in the common area and free lunch Fridays, anyone?

While trendy incentives seem like an easy win, there is a better way to build a cohesive, impactful culture.

To succeed as a company, leaders at all levels must deliberately develop a corporate culture that answers the organization’s and its employees’ needs. Through Sprint Ten of the influential Big Reset working group, The Josh Bersin Company team identified several culture-building factors that can bring greater employee engagement and longer retention, attract new talent, impact innovation and productivity, and even satisfy customers.

Written by the global team of Bersin Company researchers using insight from the senior leaders involved in the Big Reset, Organizational Culture and Performance covers:

  • Seven essential elements of culture and its impact on outcomes,
  • Six lessons of culture and performance from 400+ business and HR executives around the world,
  • Five practices to enable a culture of performance and growth, and
  • Five actionable, concrete, practical steps to create a culture fit not just for today but also for tomorrow.

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