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Rethinking Employee Experience: Lessons from The BBC and Schiphol Airport

This conversation explores the concept of employee experience and its evolution from employee engagement.
The case studies of the BBC and Schiphol Airport demonstrate innovative approaches to creating inspiring employee experiences. The discussion emphasizes the operational aspects of employee experience, including training, inclusion, belonging, pay, and benefits. It also introduces the concept of employee activation,
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The Labor Market Has Totally Changed: Are You Really Ready?

The labor market has changed before our eyes. Employers and HR teams better watch out.

Over the last five decades baby boomers defined the workforce. Today things could not be more different, and this change impacts all of us.

I was born in the 1950s, growing up in a world where the middle class experienced ... Read more»

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Lynda Gratton, Professor at London Business School, And I Discuss How Life and Work Have Changed

This was such a fun discussion: Lynda Gratton, who wrote The Hundred Year Life, and I discuss the new world of work, careers, and policy issues we face. As I discuss in the beginning, the changing demographics and demands workers are essentially forcing companies to become what we call “Dynamic Organizations.” Note that this ... Read more»

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Why The 4-Day Week? Because 33 Year-Olds Now Run The World.

Why are we having a national discussion about the 4-day week? Because the workforce has radically changed, and 33 Year-olds now run the world.

In this podcast I talk about how and why the workforce has radically changed and what this means to managers, leaders, and HR. I also discuss why talent density, talent activation, ... Read more»

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Employee Activation: An Essential Big Idea For 2024

This week I introduce a big idea: Employee Activation. This idea, which comes from important work we’re doing with Medallia, shows you how to move “beyond engagement” to a whole new world of employee listening and action-taking based on feedback.

In the new world of labor shortages, high turnover, unions, and general employee stress, Employee ... Read more»