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Why Does Netflix Outperform? They are a “Dynamic Organization.” Here’s What We’ve Learned.

In this podcast I discuss our Dynamic Organization research and how this new way of running a company is rapidly growing around the world. As the title points out, Dynamic Organizations are 31X more effective at bringing innovations to market and far outperform their peers (Netflix is discussed in detail). But this is not as ... Read more»

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Our 15 Predictions for Work, Technology, and HR in 2024

In this podcast I tell the narrative for the 2024 predictions, and why labor shortages, productivity, and dynamic organization models will become core topics this year. I also discuss the new role of DEI, employee activation, labor unions, and what we can expect in the economy. The 15 predictions are all imperatives and our new ... Read more»

HR Predictions for 2024: The Global Search For Productivity

For the last two decades I’ve written about HR predictions, but this year is different. I see a year of shattering paradigms, changing every role in business. Not only will AI change every company and every job, but companies will embark on a relentless search for productivity.

Think about where we have been. Following ... Read more»

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The Big Stories Of 2023 and What To Expect In 2024

In this podcast I walk through the big business and HR stories of 2023 and what they tell us for the year ahead.

2024 looks like a year with a strong economy, continued labor shortages, with employees continuing to take charge. And as you expect, AI will change everything.

And there’s one big story that ... Read more»