The Story Of HiBob: The Instagram Of HR

The Story Of HiBob: The Instagram Of HR

Josh Bersin
Josh Bersin
The Story Of HiBob: The Instagram Of HR

In this podcast I interview Ronni Zehavi, the CEO and co-founder of HiBob. HiBob is one of the fastest-growing HR platforms in the mid-market, known for its gorgeous and very innovative user experience.

I asked Ronni to tell us how he came into HR (he is a seasoned tech entrepreneur), why he thinks this is such a fantastic space, and how tricky and difficult it was to build a winning HR platform. HiBob now has a $1.65 Billion market cap and could reach over $100M in recurring revenue next year.

There are a lot of lessons to learn in this interview: it’s a story about innovation, growth, culture, and how to focus and succeed in a massive, highly competitive market. And it’s also a story about the enormous market for modern, mid-sized, fast-growing, global companies.

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