GWI Project Research: Healthcare Industry

Healthcare at a Crossroads: Filling the Urgent Talent Gap in Clinical Care

The healthcare industry is the largest employer in the US and one of the most critical globally. Between changes in care delivery, pandemic-related stresses, high attrition rates among providers, and upcoming mass retirements, industry leaders must adapt to avoid an impending catastrophic inability to deliver care.

Kathi Enderes, SVP of Research, and Josh Bersin, Co-Founder and Global Analyst, leveraged millions of publicly-available job and employee profiles via Eightfold AI’s talent database, market data, and insights from top leaders to identify the future-focused solutions global healthcare organizations will need to employ to close the ever-growing care provider shortage.

Healthcare at a Crossroads: Filling the Urgent Talent Gap in Clinical Care —the comprehensive industry report created as part of the Global Workforce Intelligence (GWI) Project reveals that:

  • Within healthcare, demand for nursing positions accounts for more than half of all open jobs and 2.1 million new people will be needed across different nursing roles by 2025.
  • The traditional solutions of recruiting new hires, retaining employees, and reskilling the workforce will only close half of the predicted future provider gap.
  • Advanced healthcare organizations are ahead in technology roles. They also lead in roles in transformation, require less administrative and operations roles and fewer hard-to-find nursing roles.

These systemic recommendations from The Josh Bersin Company team provide guidance to all leaders within healthcare regardless of business specialty and have broad applicability to organizations in other markets thanks to widespread industry convergence.

The full Healthcare at a Crossroads report, related case studies from AdventHealth, Bon Secours Mercy Health, and Providence Health, and frameworks for internal strategy application are only available to corporate members. Please fill out the short form below to access download the complimentary infographic and indicate interest in gaining full access to the research collection:

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