Big Reset 2021

The Big Reset Initiative For 2021

Based on the success of the 2020 program, we have decided to continue our Big Reset working groups into 2021. We will begin organizing the next set of working groups in January 2021. If interested in joining, please complete the form below.

Here is a quick recap on how the Big Reset initiative works:

  • We will divide interested and qualified candidates into multiple working groups aligned to interest areas.
  • Each working group focuses on a broad talent-related area. Participants meet weekly for one hour in five-week sprints. You do not need to commit to participating in more than one sprint.
  • Senior faculty members of the Josh Bersin Academy facilitate weekly conversations and provide summaries of discussions.
  • At the conclusion of each sprint, faculty members work with the Josh Bersin team to distill the information collected and provide actionable insights and recommendations in a report, available to all participants.

Please note: These groups are designed for the participation of practicing senior-level HR and talent executives. To ensure open, unconstrained dialog, we do not accept consultants or solution provider representatives.

Please complete the form below if interested in participating in the Big Reset 2021: