Attendee Exclusive: Irresistible 2022 Conference Keynotes

Attendee Exclusive: Access to Select Irresistible 2022 Conference Keynotes

Thank you for attending Irresistible 2022! As part of your registration, you have gained access to the recordings of three of the mainstage keynote events. To access them below, please enter the password provided in the event follow-up newsletter.

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Thank you for attending the inaugural Irresistible conference – we hope to see you back in 2023!

Video 1 – Keynote: The Future of HR & Irresistible

Irresistible employee experiences don’t just happen. Leaders create them by design. In his opening keynote, Josh Bersin, global analyst, introduces findings from groundbreaking research, explores the broader international context impacting business, and shares the key steps HR leaders can take to change how they think, work, and lead.


  • Josh Bersin, Founder, The Josh Bersin Company


Video 2 – Keynote: Reinvention of Work (Lessons Learned Post-Pandemic)
The great resignation, economic impact, and the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed how we work. What did top people leaders learn during this period of unexpected – and ongoing – disruption? How did their global organizations adapt? What lessons will they carry forward as the new normal? Find out!


  • Rhonda Morris, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, CHRO, Chevron
  • Nickle LaMoreaux, Chief Human Resources Officer, CHRO, IBM
  • Kathleen Hogan, Chief People Officer, CHRO, Microsoft
  • Patricia Frost, CHRO, Seagate Technology
  • Bill Pelster, Co-Founder – Chief Client Officer, The Josh Bersin Company


Video 3 – Keynote: Digital Disruption & the Future of Work 

From digital services to digital disruption to industry transformation, the future of work looks very different than it did two years ago. How are some of the largest global companies creating agility, accountability, flexibility, and collaboration in the face of uncertainty and change? Listen in to hear first-hand accounts from CHROs!


  • Tamara Bray, Group Vice President, CHRO, DCP Midstream
  • Bevin Desmond, Global Head of Talent & Culture, CHRO, Morningstar
  • Chris Bedi, CIO, ServiceNow
  • Jacqui Canney, Chief People Officer, CHRO, ServiceNow
  • Alexandra Badenoch, Group Executive Transformation, Communications & People, CHRO, Telstra
  • Kathi Enderes, Senior Vice President of Research, The Josh Bersin Company


Video 4 – Keynote: Future of Inclusion & Belonging

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are not just major HR trends – they’re integral to irresistible, functional organizations. And while thoughtful DEI initiatives are critical to business success today and in the future, leaders often struggle to weave it into all aspects of HR. An all-star panel moderated by Josh Bersin explores the big DEI questions and real-world solutions.


  • Andy Ortiz, SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer, CHRO, Cedars-Sinai
  • Stephane Charbonnier, CHRO, L’Oreal USA
  • Loren Shuster, Chief People Officer, CPO, The LEGO Group
  • Sarah Townsend, Assistant Vice Dean for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, USC – Marshall School of Business
  • Josh Bersin, Founder, The Josh Bersin Company