The Big Reset Playbook: What’s Working Now

What have companies done to respond to the pandemic? Here’s the answer: today we launch the first in a series of research studies on The Big Reset. We call it The Big Reset Playbook.

This report summarizes more than 200 hours of interviews, in-depth case studies, and group discussions with 600 companies around the world. 

In the report we summarize 20 top findings, and include in-depth case studies from Banco Santander, Royal Bank of Canada, PepsiCo, Sainsbury’s, Sanofi, Yum! Brands, Autodesk, Danone, Sabre, Development Bank of Singapore and many others.

What you’ll find is that the pandemic has radically changed organizations. The cycle of React, Respond, Return, Transform is repeated over and over, and these companies share all their best-practices with you in detail.

Josh Bersin Academy members have access to this research, the in-depth video interviews, and a wide range of resources on resilience, back to work, remote work, and wellbeing.

Stay tuned for more – our next study will be a comprehensive COVID-19 Response Benchmarking Study. If you participate in that study we’ll send you the detailed findings.

Our Big Reset working groups are continuing to meet – if you are interested please email us for more information.

Download The Big Reset Playbook here.