People Analytics Grows Up: Healthy New Focus On Productivity

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  1. Eelco Voogd says:

    Finally the article we have been waiting for. When we were at HR TECH in Paris in 2015 (Yes we are in Amsterdam again) we presented WPA (Work & People Analytics). We focus already for 5 years on these metrics and got the customer base to show for. We believe the performance of people comes not only from hiring and firing the right people but to understand every part of their traction they need at as team. Their culture (we measure), their value networks (we measure), their activity patterns (we measure) but also their environment support (we measure) is all part of either a high performing individual or becoming a misfire. We have seen high potentials from Coca Cola and Apple been hired by clients but because of the wrong environment, non supportive culture and not been equipped to perform at their top, they cave in or leave.

    Once you hired a person or a team, they stay for 2-4 years performing on a daily basis (or not). Understanding their work patterns, collaborations, engagement, environment support etc all in one dashboard makes you aware of where to tweak performance. Sensors and AI are moving in but some fortune 1000 companies still struggle to get every formation in their HR system with the right location. We acknowledged that, and decided to provide faster recon for management teams with WPA analytics. So yes! We definitely believe that productivity will be a big issue, especially by making people more effective again. But hanging sensors around people their necks and the upcoming GDPR will be a big challenge in Europe. Human Capital solution providers need to start to create more solutions that benefit the human capital itself and make autonomous teams learn from their own data, for their own performance improvement. So not top down but bottom up. Exciting decade for the future of Work Performance. Agree or disagree? tw @eelcovoogd

  2. Sumit Kumar says:

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