A New World of Corporate Learning Arrives: And It Looks Like TV

  • Neil Von Heupt

    I worry about this Josh. Whilst I love my Netflix, Stan and Spotify and the associated personalisation of the user experience, I’m never satisfied with the restricted offerings. It all gets a bit vanilla, with everyone exchanging binge marathon stories about the same shows, the same pop-culture references, the same bands and the suggestions of other (vanilla) things I might like because I liked X.

    With a $4B industry at stake, is this an attempt to make the LMS look relevant, but people will still be learning outside the LMS, informally, socially? Will people notice that their thinking, their learning, their language, their career are all being shaped by someone else’s agenda?
    Just saw a production of 1984. “They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what’s happening”. Hmmm.

  • gpm

    Thanks Josh Bersin for your complete and detailed article, very enlightening for all those who have worked for years in the eLearning strategy, because we are interested in continuing to learn and motivating people to enjoy the process of knowing. The eLearning orientation towards a netflix content grid is very visual, fast and practical. I would also include two elements facing the user’s dashboard where he can see his learning progress with the appearance of either percent or general progress bar (not just for each course), if there is one I have not yet seen it. It would help and encourage social collaborative learning to include a feedback section where the user or colleagues can value, express opinions and help improve the content and its presentation. And yes there would be a collection of soon or future releases would be the icing on the cake.

  • titusbatson

    Good article John. It great to see “the new dawn in corporate learning”. One question: is http://learn.filtered.com/ Learning Experience Platform?

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