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Recruiting Collusion among Top Silicon Valley Companies

Yesterday the US Department of Justice announced a proposed settlement against Apple, Google, Intel, Adobe, Intuit, and Pixar for colluding not to “cold-call” recruit employees from each other.

Consider the implications of this practice:   HR and business leaders at these these leading silicon valley companies sat together and agreed “if you don’t poach my people ... Read more»

Yes, You Really Can Cut Training Costs

The Training Measurement Book is on Amazon’s Top 10 Business Books for 2008

This week we published the Corporate Learning Factbook® for 2008 and sure enough, corporate learning and development budgets are being cut everywhere.  The Factbook shows spending reduction of 11%, and our Winter TalentWatch research, which isolates spending changes by industry, is also ... Read more»

Rapid E-Learning… and the Need for a Learning Architecture

The Origins of Rapid E-Learning

Some years ago (2003) we were doing some consulting with a major tools provider and first coined the term “rapid e-learning.”  Yes, it was us.  In fact, I first realized the market for this back in 2000 while I was working at DigitalThink, and we developed a product we called ... Read more»