GWI Project Research: Pharmaceuticals

The Changing Face of Pharma: Innovate or Stagnate

Globally, many companies currently face a critical pivot point. In our newest industry report in the GWI series, Global Workforce Intelligence: Pharma, we discovered that Pharmaceutical companies in particular have reached a crossroads.

Through our research of more than 500,000 data points from Eightfold AI’s talent intelligence platform and stories from Pharmaceuticals leaders,it became immediately obvious that the industry is in continuous expansion and growth. There are new fields of study and development, a shifting focus on medical treatments rather than medications, and constantly changing requirements to secure market relevancy.

Within the industry, we identified highly successful Pacesetter companies. These Pacesetters are taking decisive action in the area of both product and process innovations. To simultaneously grow and close off potential innovation gaps, they’ve learned they need to build their workforce with talent focused on continuous advancement of skills across the enterprise.

When it comes to the advancement of skills, the Pacesetters focus on three specific areas:

  • Forward-looking research skills for product innovation,
  • Digital skills to drive redesign of research, and
  • Reapproach to enterprise-wide skills to impact process innovation.

There is more to the path of success, of course, and we want to share the spectrum of issues and recommendations with all Pharma business and talent leaders. Skill advancement and digital transformation are universal experiences in the Post-Industrial economy, so every company can learn from the innovations and difficulties experienced by established and emerging companies in this industry.

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