Career Pathways

Career Pathways: Building Tomorrow’s Workforce Today

The Josh Bersin Company Career Pathways report coverThe comprehensive Definitive Guide to Learning showed that growth in the flow of work is not a “nice to have” — it’s a critical necessity for organizations that want to remain competitive, profitable, and agile now and into the unpredictable future. To build on the key finding of expanding beyond traditional learning & development, The Josh Bersin Company research team looked to provide strategic direction and innovative recommendations for developing employee skills. 

The resulting report details how career pathways offer the solution to employee reskilling, retention, and talent recruitment challenges by providing a series of carefully designed development steps, like education, certifications, degrees, learning programs, gigs, and mentoring to take an individual from their current role to a higher-demand, often higher-paying, job.

The Career Pathways report takes a deep dive into the importance and process of building career pathways rather than traditional linear paths. Through data analysis, practitioner interviews, and timely examples, Career Pathways shares actionable real-world findings critical to business & HR leaders, including: 

  • The exponentially lower cost of reskilling existing talent compared to hiring new employees 
  • A strategic 5-step process for constructing career pathways applicable to businesses of all sizes 
  • Detailed case studies from Walmart, Bon Secours Mercy Health, and Rocket Central 
  • The positive people-focused outcomes of implementing career pathway programs 

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