The Future of Work: It’s Already Here… And Not As Scary As You Think

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  • Victoria Heathcote

    Josh – should ‘General Academy’ read ‘General Assembly’?

    • joshbersin

      Thank you Victoria!

  • Randy Samsel

    Thanks, Josh, for great content and insights. More evidence that disruption is the new normal, and HR professionals are rising in strategic importance.

  • amandeep kaur

    What a Beauty! After reading this piece I foresee, predict that companies will very soon move towards:

    1. unequal pay but equal benefits

    2. Dynamic jobs and portfolio careers

    3. No titles, no hierarchy – Flat but small highly productive teams comprising both humans and robots

    4. Not eternal workforce but Internal workers, contingent not contractual workers coexisting with machines

    5. The onus of learning, upskilling, reskilling, career reinvention will be equally on the employee

  • Judith Pettitt

    Fantastic article – challenges organisational thinking in all the right places

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  • Excellent article! I appreciate your thoughts on the matter, especially considering your vast experience through different jobs and companies. You represent exactly what we are having to do: change our skill set to keep up with all of the changes in technology and the workforce. In time I believe we will develop a smoother process for increasing our skill set without having to get a new degree. The key to all of this change is being flexible and looking for the opportunities that come from it.

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