The Top 10 Disruptions In HR Technology: Ignore Them At Your Peril

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  • Francois Guay

    Excellent commentary and insight! The only thing left out that I believe is a huge game changer is mobile on demand recruiting apps which I believe will rapidly transform brick and mortar recruiting services to a new dimension of recruitment.

  • Ragland Navamani

    Nice blog. All salary details and company details are stored in HR Management Software. Really cool software and widely used throughout the world.

  • John Mitchell

    Hi Josh,

    Excellent write up.

    I agree that the rules for HR software are surely changing. Businesses no longer prefer to go for a tool (relying on the features only) but look for an inclusive experience where the vendors are expected to offer ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions. And, this applies to elearning tools as well.

    A year back, when I was looking for a learning management software to train my employees, I decided to go for a vendor that allowed me to customize my training modules, inculcate new age learning trends like microlearning, gamification. I choose ProProfs LMS team plan. But since my training needs have diversified, I will switch to their Business plan soon.

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