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Galileo™, the world's
AI-powered expert assistant for HR.

Trained on 25 years of Josh Bersin Company research, insights, and expertise, Galileo™ answers your HR questions with meaningful answers and curated content.

Unlock access to —

25+ years

of research and data from The Josh Bersin Company, the most trusted human capital advisors in the world.

50,000+ pages

of reports, articles, tools, frameworks, case studies, vendor information, webinars, and podcasts

24/7/365 expertise

Continuously updated with our latest research and insights, Galileo™ is your always-on expert HR assistant, bringing you closer than ever to the Josh Bersin Company team.

Article example: Are You Ready for This New Go-Go Economy?
Article example: Are You Ready for This New Go-Go Economy?
Article example: Are You Ready for This New Go-Go Economy?
Article example: Are You Ready for This New Go-Go Economy?

Functional solutions

Galileo™ does much more than answer questions - it can generate valuable, functional organizational tools. Ask it to create RFP templates, build implementation plans, develop programs and frameworks - and more.

Global accessibility

Access the Josh Bersin Company library in any language. Galileo™ translates our entire knowledge bank in an instant, to provide language-accessible answers to your HR questions.

Enterprise ready

Get more relevant support from Galileo™ by adding your company’s HR policies and internal information in a secure, private environment. Your content never trains the underlying language model.

Unleash the Power Of Galileo™.

Trained on 25 years of Josh Bersin Company research, it’s like having our entire team at your fingertips.

Galileo™ searches through 50,000+ pages of Josh Bersin Company research, thousands of blogs and countless hours of multimedia, to generate verifiable responses based on verifiable information. Unlike other AI tools, Galileo™  attributes sources to each answer, with specific references and further learning content from the Josh Bersin Company library.

Our Trusted Content Partners

These partners are companies with data and content we trust and stand behind, and their contributions teach Galileo to be even smarter and more useful than ever.

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A world leader in executive search and assessment, has contributed its leadership framework for senior leaders globally.
A world leader in skills, jobs, and labor market data, Lightcast has contributed its entire skills model and job architecture.
A world leader in global employment, Oyster has contributed its global employment practices database, which covers more than 100 countries.
A world leader in People Analytics and benchmarking, Visier has contributed its global benchmarking data on voluntary turnover and span of control.
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Galileo™ is your 'always-on' resource to learn, ask questions, and develop solutions to real-life HR problems and opportunities.

Anyone with Josh Bersin Company corporate membership has access to Galileo™. It can help everyone from line of business managers to HR executives, L&D professionals, Diversity or Wellbeing specialists, and compensation managers get the guidance they need to solve any HR or talent acquisition issue.

This paradigm-shattering offering will change the way companies run their HR organizations and manage their people, enabling any professional to operate like a world-class expert in a short period of time.” — Josh Bersin
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Introducing Galileo™

Your content curator. Your learning assistant. Your brainstorming partner. Your global translator. Your tool creator. Your in-house expert. Discover the power and value of Galileo™ today.

Ready to get started with Galileo™

Galileo™ is available for teams, HR departments, and global HR organizations. It is offered through The Josh Bersin Company corporate membership, which includes research, advisory services, and professional development through The Josh Bersin Academy. Please join us!