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IBM Adopts Saba as its Learning Technology Partner

A IBM Sabavery important partnership was announced today: IBM announced a major commitment to Saba as its primary learning management technology partner.

Background on IBM’s Learning Platform Business:

IBM has been in the corporate learning market for many years. In the 1980’s, the company offered a wide range of corporate training tools and systems, including PC ... Read more»

Informal Learning becomes Formal

informallearningIt’s now official. After surveying our entire research membership and having more than 30 conversations with leading HR and learning leaders (including with Xerox, Accenture, British Telecom, Edward Jones, Department of Defense, and Network Appliance), I am now 100% convinced that “informal learning” has become “formal.”  That is, if you want to build a high-impact, ... Read more»

Where is the “Talent Management” Market going?

As the US economy lost 240,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate rises to 6.5%, one of the questions I know many people ask is the direction of the “talent management” marketplace.  Let me give you our thoughts on the trends taking place.

First, the urgency of “talent management” in corporate HR organizations has ... Read more»

Your “Incumbent” HR Systems Vendor – What to do?

I just completed a series of interviews with three organizations going through the important, challenging, and time consuming process of implementing a new performance management system.  In each case (a large healthcare provider, a global mining company, and a global call center operations company), the company is using the implementation of a performance management system ... Read more»

New Disciplines of the Modern Training Organization

This month we are launching The High Impact Learning Organization®, a research study which has been more than three years in development.  During this time we have interviewed hundreds of corporate HR and training leaders and reviewed in-depth trends of more than 780 global organizations. 

Listen Audio Overview of this research:  click here.

As ... Read more»

Talent Management Suites: Research Launched

We just released the largest-ever research study on the market for talent management suites.  This research took place over the last 18 months and is the result of an exhaustive analysis of 20 vendors, 800+ HR managers, and in-depth meetings with more than 50 organizations.  Leighanne Levensaler, our principal analyst in this area, is ... Read more»

Wow. Performance Management Really Matters in Retail.

As we continue to study best-practices in talent management and talk with many organizations, we see more and more evidence that top-down goal alignment and transparency truly do drive business results. 

For example, we recently had an in-depth discussion with the Vice-President of HR at Bon-Ton Stores, a highly-successful mid-sized retailer which operates among the ... Read more»

Choosing an LMS: What to do?

The Quandry of Selecting Learning Management Systems 

After many years as an analyst in this market, learning management systems continue to amaze me.  They are like chameleons – continuously changing and morphing to survive as corporate learning and software markets evolve.  We have seen four big phases over the last 10 years:  first as back-office ... Read more»

Saba Acquires Centra

In the last 12 months we have seen many mergers in the learning market take place:  Oracle’s acquisition of Peoplesoft, SumTotal’s acquisition of Pathlore, Saba’s acquisition of Thinq, and KnowledgePlanet’s acquisition of KnowledgeImpact.

Why these Mergers are Occurring

In general the enterprise learning and LMS markets are maturing.   The LMS market has grown big enough ... Read more»