The New Organization: Different by Design

  • Dan Fry

    Fantastic article Josh, thanks for writing. superb images. I especially enjoyed The Evolution of Management Thinking as a clear illustration of the upcoming challenges businesses will face.

  • Nikki Curtin

    Great article with – articulates the 10 trends so clearly! Thank you,

  • Learning Evolution

    I really enjoyed reading this report. We’d agree and add that “purposeful leadership” aligned with proper training and education is the best means to better team engagement and empowerment.

  • Thank you for this brilliant article. The insights are very interesting and a great checklist for companies regarding their preparation for today’s and upcoming challenges. We are currently building a new company and it is wonderful to realize that we are on track. Thank you.

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  • John Milham

    Perfectly presented and perfectly timed ….In my opinion this research should inform every corporate coach’s kitbag. Well Done

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