From E-Learning to We-Learning: SkillSoft InGenius

  • Josh,
    You are spot on with your focus on the transformational power of “We Learning”. I love that phrase!

    What I am seeing is that enterprises will adopt social capabilities in very different ways at very different paces. What’s clear, however, is that the power of “We Learning” is as fundamentally game-changing as email and the spreadsheet.

    I see more and more Learning & Development organizations recognize that they don’t need to “boil the ocean” when it comes to effective social learning and that new offerings like inGenius enable them to extract more leverage (read: even greater usage; business value; alignment; and employee connected-ness) from their existing learning content investments with no incremental investment. And while these new solutions take advantage of the power of social media concepts to connect people and content, the best ones are also a very natural extension of the platforms they are already familiar, safe, private, and secure.

  • This sounds like a great platform design. I look forward to seeing it at the Atlanta workshop later this month.

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